Best Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes

They may not seem like it, but golf shoes are as vital to the overall golfing style as clubs, gloves, and a golf bag. This is something that’s only really fully understood by those who play the beautiful game, and if you’ve never swung blindly at a ball before, you’re unlikely to get it.

While even the best golf shoes don’t guarantee you’ll make that hole under par, they can go a long way in improving your stability during your swing. Choosing the right golf shoes, however, can seem as tricky as getting your ball out of a sand trap.

Luckily, StatdeGolf is here to help. We don’t accept advertising dollars, free products, or manufacturer perks; instead, we buy products in the same stores where you shop. We do the research for you, then present you with the sort of unbiased, accurate, and helpful product recommendations you need to make an informed purchase.

So, if you just want to get out on the course as soon as possible, take a look at our product recommendations. But if you’d like to learn more about golf shoes in general, including how to choose them, why you’d want them, and how to find shoes that fit, read on!

Why you need golf shoes?

Your first questions are probably, “Are golf shoes really necessary? How are they different from regular athletic shoes?” Those are both fair questions.

While golf shoes are not absolutely necessary, they are very strongly recommended, even for a beginning golfer. Part of that is for your feet’s sake; if you walk the typical 18-hole course, you’re going to cover four miles or more, so you want comfortable shoes with good arch support – something a quality pair of golf shoes provides.

But most of the answer comes down to the game, and particularly the swing. Because the golf swing requires a grounded, secure posture, golf shoes are just a bit broader in the sole than regular athletic shoes. This helps you balance during your swing. The arches of golf shoes are usually stabilized, as well, to keep your feet in position during this critical move. Golf shoes also have more flexibility than shoes made for running, basketball, or other team sports, as your feet need to flex, and they need to adapt to terrain that’s often uneven as you move through the course.

And finally, golf shoes have a sole made to hold tight to the course while you play. This generally means some type of spikes or nubs, which is an important enough issue to have its own section in this guide.

5 Best Golf Shoes of 2021:

1. Adidas Tech Response 4.0WD Cleated Golf Shoes

Adidas Tech Response 4.0WD Cleated Golf Shoes

Top of the list for our choices of the best golf shoes is a pair that seems to be crafted by the golfing gods themselves. Adidas’ Tech Response 4.0 (yes, version 4!) are a cleated pair of golf shoes that provide comfort, breathability, and traction. So basically, all the good stuff.

With this pair of shoes laced to your feet, you’ll revel in striding through the course (fairway or rough is up to you), boasting about how you’ve never been so comfortable before in your life. The cleats offer great stability, but are also removable, so you can change them when they wear down, or merely if you fancy a change.

If you want to get out on the course as soon as these arrive at your doorstep, you can. There’s no treading-in period, meaning you’re sure to find results quicker than you thought possible. Check out our handy guide to the best Adidas shoes for more great footwear by this brand.

  • Rubber sole
  • Thintech cleat
  • Lightweight mesh for breathability
  • Traction and stability
  • The tongue of the shoe is thin

2. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2

If you are looking to buy a sleek, stylish, comfortable shoe, sketchers golf elite two golf shoe can make a good choice. The brand is popular for making high-quality shoes, and their golf shoes are quite sophisticated.

The upper sole is made of synthetic material, and there is enough ventilation for your feet to breathe. The imported footwear is waterproof and has low drop design. It has 5gen cushioning and provides durable grip due to TPU bottom plate. They make ideal footwear for early morning games. The midsole is simple in design providing extra support to your arch and heel.

Unlike other shoes, the outsole of the footwear is spikeless, and in rare cases, the outer sole starts to crack. Some customers have complained about not getting the right size of the shoe. So it may not provide a correct fit.

  • They are made of synthetic and fabric material
  • It is a modern style golf shoe which is water resistant
  • The lightweight foam offers comfort to users
  • They provide good traction for terrain area
  • Sizing of the shoe seems to be difficult for some customers

3. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2

The Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is made from leather and synthetic material that provide optimum durability. The outer part of this shoe is made from Yak leather, which is softer and is three times stronger and durable than regular leather. Golfers should expect this shoe to not only be highly comfortable but to last them for long. The combination of this leather material, a traction bottom, and stylish design give the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 a comfortable feel and supportive quality.

ECCO shoes are designed with HYDROMAX weather protection technology to ensure that they’re waterproof, warm, and breathable. The Biom Hybrid 2 isn’t an exception. Designed with ECCO’s proprietary waterproofing technology, this golf shoe is suitable for all kinds of weather and can be worn all year-round. They’re great in keeping the feet dry during the rain or on a wet course, and warm in winter weather.

This golf shoe features a low to the ground design that ensures better foot placement on the course besides giving a great energy return when walking. This design is very comfortable and the golfer can expect improved leg movement and stronger muscles. Moreover, the Biom Hybrid 2 is a spikeless golf shoe that’s constructed with a durable non-slip rubber sole. It features an insole support system that has silicon printing to provide a snug fit.

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe has been expertly crafted for comfort and to offer unparalleled support. It features a stylish look that makes it ideal for everyday wear.

  • Made of durable yak leather
  • Exceptional comfort and support
  • It has a quality lace design
  • It’s very expensive
  • Some reviewers mention that it’s rather large

4. Callaway Balboa Vent Golf Shoes

Callaway Balboa Vent Golf Shoes

The Callaway Balboa Vent shoe is a true heavyweight champion of golf shoes and brings a marvelous durability to the course that is unseen in other kinds of shoe. Crafted with synthetic mesh for maximum comfort, you’ll never complain about your feet suffocating again, while the dura-rubber outsole ensures these are built to last many trips across the fairway. Inside, the opti-soft EVA midsole will keep you feet from cramping during and offer the perfect fit.

A wide golf shoe, they are crafted to fit the majority of wearers, which also contributes to heat management. Working alongside the opti-vent liner, you’ll maintain excellent breathability in the shoe all throughout your round. Just be aware that this is more of a summer shoe, as the mesh construction prevents it from being totally waterproof. You might get away with dew-soaked grass early in the morning though. Be sure to combine them with some of the best golf GPS watches on the market.

  • 100% synthetic mesh
  • Opti-soft Polymer midsole (EVA)
  • No-spike outsoles but with a multi-directional projection for traction and stability
  • Sock and mesh liner for heat control and management
  • Some reviewers have complained that the shoes fit wide

5. Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoes

Nike Men’s Roshe G Golf Shoes

The Nike Men’s Roshe G is a stylish golf shoe for men that features a thick midsole and cushioned insole to provide maximum comfort to the player. It also features small spikes that give golfers maximum traction on any golfing terrain.

Unlike other poor-quality shoes, this golfing shoes from Nike have strong laces that ensure the knots don’t become loose easily. This will save you the hassle and discomfort you may experience when walking with a loose shoe. The snug fit provided by the full lace system ensures that you get maximum comfort while golfing.

Golfers currently prefer stylish shoes over the classic golf shoes. If you’re looking for a casual shoe, then the Nike Roshe G men’s golf shoes are a perfect choice. Most stylish shoes don’t come with spikes, but the Roshe G is equipped with some to give you both style and functionality. The small mini spikes of this golf shoe provide sufficient grip on any surface. Moreover, this golf shoe can be comfortably worn both on and off the golfing course.

This shoe features a breathable mesh paneling that allows air to pass freely inside the shoe. The breathability of the shoe ensures that your feet remain cool all the time even in the hot summer weather. You can now perform better in games with the ease and comfort brought by this breathable golf shoe.

  • Full lace system that provides a snug fit
  • Very stylish design
  • Made of breathable fabric material that keeps the feet cool
  • It doesn’t have any waterproof features

Buying guide for golf shoes

The process of buying a new set of golf shoes can be quite daunting. There’s a wide variety of golf shoes to pick. Just like golf clubs and balls, golfers will choose golf shoes depending on their needs. Some golfers will be on the lookout for shoes that provide stability and cushioning, whereas others will need shoes that give them a maximum feel and flexibility.

Your body mechanics and how much you’re going to walk on the course will greatly impact the type of shoes you choose. Consider the following important factors before purchasing a golf shoe.

How to choose the Best Men’s Golf Shoes

Whether you are new to golf or a professional golfer, it is very important to know how to choose the right golf shoes.

  • Material – There are two common materials available for the upper part, leather and synthetic. Leather seems to be durable than synthetic. Leather material is quite expensive than synthetic. Make sure you choose a water-proof material because you have to walk a long distance on grass for hours.
  • Fitting – The golf shoe should provide the right fit to your feet to help you keep stability whenever you make a swing. It should have enough space for your toes. You should measure your foot before choosing your size. Make sure you wear socks before trying them.
  • Weight – You must choose a lightweight material because they are ideal for long distance walking.
  • Spike or spikeless – For playing the game outdoors, you need a spiked shoe. The spike will prevent you from unwanted slipping and falling. If you are practicing on the mat, you may choose spikeless shoes.

Tips for getting the right fit

As with any shoes, the right fit can mean the difference between a day of misery and a day of enjoyment.

  • Golf shoes come in the same size ranges as regular shoes, and as a general rule, you’ll wear the same size in both.
  • Try on your golf shoes in the same socks you’ll wear to play, and around the same time of day you usually hit the links.
  • If one foot is larger than the other – a common issue – fit the foot that is larger. However, don’t settle for a floppy or poor fit. If one brand doesn’t work, try another.

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